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Bush Berries, 3/4 Ladies Leggings.

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 Authentic Australian Aboriginal Art


Eucalyptus flowering blossoms on Country in varying shades of gorgeous pinks! During summer, colour explodes from gum nuts like fireworks on these beautiful trees. 

Our performance leggings feature the ultimate in active fabric technology: moisture-wicking, quick-drying stretch lycra. Cool, comfortable and perfect to crunch that home workout!

Additional features include a high waistband that won't roll down, and pockets to store your keys.

Style: 3/4 Elite Leggings
Fabric: 260gsm, 90% polyester and 10% Lycra

Artist: Holly Sanders

Story: Bush Berries

Bush Berries - Holly Sanders Copyright

‘Bush Berries’ | Acrylic on canvas | 60cm x 60cm 

This piece represents bush berries and seeds on Country. Food collected by women such as seeds and fruits, provided a regular diet for Aboriginal Bundjalung families on a daily basis.

Bundjalung women possess a detailed knowledge of our local environment, knowing which plants hold food and medicinal properties, how to use them, and where to find them. Women are educators, instilling in their jarjum (children) the knowledge of how to locate, gather, and prepare food


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