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Bamboo Bliss

Ladies Bamboo Socks 5 Pack

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Bamboo fibre is easier to grow than weeds – hardly any water is required, no chemicals in the growing at all including fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides, phosphates.

The benefits of wearing Bamboo Socks include: luxurious feel on the skin, superior comfort and enhanced breathability, naturally antibacterial and thermo regulating and hypo-allergenic, ideal for those with allergies.

There are many reasons why people love our bamboo socks, not least because they are genuinely better for your feet and here’s why

  1. Walk in greater comfort – The superior comfort really treats your feet, wave goodbye to rubbing, chafing and discomfort. Our bamboo socks are gently cushioning, as if the wearer is walking on thick carpet. This helps maintain wonderful comfort levels for your feet throughout the day.
  2. Enjoy the right temperature -Unlike other fabrics, this comfort can be maintained in all kinds of temperatures, thanks to the thermo-regulating fabric. Feet need to ‘breathe’ to stay healthy and the bamboo fabric allows feet to stay cool in the heat and stay comfortably warm on colder days.
  3. Avoid moisture – Feet should stay dry to avoid fungal infections and other uncomfortable conditions. Bamboo fabric helps wearers keep pleasantly dry feet thanks to the hollow structure of the fibres which makes it super-absorbent. This means that the material effectively wicks moisture away from the skin. Bamboo is very breathable and far better in this respect than cotton or wool socks.
  4. Eliminate odour – Most people would like their feet to remain fresh and odour-free. Our bamboo socks are composed of naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibres which drastically reduce foot odour, this is a very pleasant benefit in addition to the superior comfort of the socks.
  5. Cares for your skin – Sensitive skins are well looked after by the bamboo fabric, which is hypo-allergenic. The eco-friendly bamboo fibres are more gentle than many man-made fibres and do not irritate the skin in the same way.We have bamboo socks for men, woman and for all activities including leisure, sport and working out.