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Love of Culture round beach towel

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LOVE OF CULTURE round beach towel

Artist: Raymond Walters Japanangka

Calling all beach lovers! The season of sun, surf and sand is upon us, this round beach towel is the perfect addition to any beach trip. These versatile towels are large enough to fit everything you need and more. Made of extremely soft and comfortable fabric featuring stunning designs that will have all heads turning your way on the beach.

 Size: 150 cm


Artist: Glen Mackie (Kei Kalak)

Tribe: Kulkalgal (Yam Island, Torres Strait)


The bold minar, or infill-design style in Glen’s work incorporates family totemic designs and his own invented geometric repeating water pattern. He retells the myths and legendary stories he inherited from older family members.

This artwork pays homage to women and represents the livelihood and sacred labour of Torres Strait Islander women, often carried out in a group.





The hair comb and Island mat represent the important bonds between the women.


The bridal pendant is made from the shell from the Hawksbill Turtle by the groom and is the equivalent of a wedding ring.


The garden stick and yam represent the time when women study the Tagai constellation in the sky at night to determine the best time to plant yam in time for the first rainy season.


It is the job of the younger girls to always ensure the coconut water container is always kept full for the men to take with them when they go out in their boats to hunt for turtle and dugong. If the hunt is not successful, the women dig up the yam and taro from the garden and cook it ready to eat on the men’s return. The garden food is a staple and a back-up.


The coconut scraper is used for scraping the white flesh from coconuts which the women use to make coconut milk and coconut oil for cooking and many other uses (eg hair treatments).


The three frangipani flowers signify marriage, widowhood, being single. Depending where the flower is placed on the head, it has different meanings: In the middle or back of head: a widow On the right: a single woman On the left: a married woman