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Our Beautiful Country NAIDOC 2020 Stainless Steel Mug

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Enjoy a hot cup of your favourite beverage on your next camping trip with our travel-friendly mug. Tough & durable, these double walled mugs have great insulation to keep your drinks warm and your hands safe!

Each piece is designed and printed in Australia. Embrace the true history of this country, recognising that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this country for over 65,000 years.

 Classic in shape and bold in design, our mugs will add an instant sense of style to your next travel location.

  • 300ml
  • Stainless steel
  • 75mm (dia.) x 90mm (h)
  • Not suitable for microwave

This item is printed in Australia

Artist: Alicia Close
Artwork: Our Beautiful Country


"Gnaree murumba djagan - nooboogooboo, booreen, koodgoondaboo, coobaggolabbo."
(Our beautiful country -yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever)
Alicia Close

Our people have lived on this country for thousands of years and have seen the change of the landscape and the arrival of people from many nations. We are a sharing culture. We share our customs, traditions and stories, ancient stories.

The present sea levels here today came about 7000 years ago. There are 21 known stories across different sites along the costline of Australia that retell this event, describing the changes of the landscape as the sea levels rose. One is from my home country, Quandamooka country.

It is truly amazing to live in a country and be part of a culture where stories have survived thousands of years where there was no written form of recording but only through our art, songs, dances, these stories have survived. May these stories live on for many more generations to come.

The oval shapes grouped together represent these stories and the area they came from. Also represented with the circles are some of the different groups throughout our country. Western, central desert, far north, and southern mobs. The lines connect us all. We are one people. One mob. We are still here and our culture is still strong. The central three circles represent The Creator, Biami. The central being to all things. Creator of the heavens and the earth and this beautiful country of ours that we live in.