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Slip Resistant Yoga Towel

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A Yoga Essential

Name: Yoga towel
Weight: 500g
Color: as shown
Size: 183*63cm
Material: Polyester fabric, high strength, durable.
1. High quality: polyester fiber structure, strong water absorption, anti-bacterial, UV protection and cooling in summer.
2. Function: The towel material is easy to clean and has the characteristics of rapid cooling. It can reduce the temperature by absorbing the evaporation of water, so that you can maintain a comfortable state for a long time. It has Non Slip small gel inserts.
3. Excellent design: After getting wet in the water, gently twist and shake it a few times to achieve the heat dissipation effect. Equipped with a mesh bag to store towels, compact and lightweight.
4. Scope of application: used in hot weather. General fitness, running, playing ball, outdoor fishing, mountain climbing, high temperature work, etc.
5. Machine washable: From one yoga session to the next yoga session, the clean and hygienic yoga towels can be machine washed in a warm and permanent pressure cycle. The color is the same.
It is recommended to wash separately before the first use. Air dry, do not bleach, iron or dry clean.